[1736R] Refrigerated, floor type high speed centri...

Max. 17.000 rpm(32,310xg) with 6 x 50 ml tubes

Max. capacity of 6 x 500 ml with fixed angle rotor

Space saving slim design with very quiet operation

[2236R] Refrigerated, large capacity, high speed c...

Max. 22,000rpm with 6x50ml tubes

Max capacity of 6x1000ml (fixed angle rotor)

Ideal for core laboratory or multi-user environment

7” touch screen panel with display of all parameters

[1096R] Refrigerated, large capacity centrifuge

Max. 10,000 rpm (14,900 xg) with 6 x 250 ml tubes

Max. capacity of 4x 1,400 ml (96 x 15 ml) with swing-out rotor

Ideal for high throughput NA preparation (5,324xg) & blood sample centrifugation


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